#05334 Trail King Belt Trailer
MAKER: Trail King
Item number: 64287
dimensions: 43'x96"x10'10"


#64287 New 2018 Trail King Belt Trailer, 62 Cubic Yards, 3″ Pitch Roller Chain, Stainless Fasteners and Belt Clip, Chain Oiler, Plastic Wall Liner, Front & Rear Ladders, (3) Taillights (Per Side), LED Lights, 48″ 5th Wheel, 36″ Kingpin Setting, One Arched Tie Bar, Top Hinged Knife Gate with Manual Control, 11R 22.5 General HT14 Ply Tires, 48″ Floor with Single Drive, (4) Aluminum & (4) Steel Wheels, Aluminum Front & Rear Fenders, 2-Speed Crank, Aluminum Grain Chute, (Price includes FET)